ai algorithms for changing markets


Modern trading requires speed and flexibility. We develop AI trading algorithms that quickly adapt to new market conditions without the need of supervision.

Trading Algortithm
Trading automation

Automate your strategy

Embed your market knowledge and experience in an automatic trading algorithm to trade faster, better and around the clock.

trade with artificial intelligence

Add robustness and flexibility to your trading strategy by using the power of AI to find patterns and adapt to market changes.

Artificial Intelligence
Research and Development

Research and develop new strategies

Test your ideas, data or factors through a rigorous analytical process. Minimize the risk before live trading.

Flexible Strategies

Using AI to adapt to new market conditions
- Continuously learning from new market and alternative data
- Using Artificial Intelligence to improve its trading strategy
- Leveraging multiple market data sources to identify the best opportunities

Nimble Algorithms

Smart strategies instead of brute force
- Simple trading principles that don't require super-computers
- Lightweight trading algorithms that are faster to test, deploy and improve
- Ability to develop, test and select multiple trading bots in parallel

Robust Research

Proven, stress-tested strategies to avoid false positives
- Rigorous selection for live trading (less than 1% of developed bots)
- Dynamic and static safeguards to protect the capital
- Market neutral strategies

Trading Strategy Automation

Embed your existing strategy in a round-the-clock trading algorithm

  • Strategy tuning and validation

  • Systematic back-/forward-testing and what if simulations

  • Broker deployment and performance monitoring

From $750

AI algorithm development

Boost your strategy through Artificial Intelligence

  • Identify key strategy parameters to optimize

  • Prototype different algorithms

  • Stress-test AI performance under multiple scenarios

From $1,500

strategies research & development

Research, test and implement custom factors and strategies

  • Explore new factors and alternative data sources

  • Robust statistical tests to avoid strategy overfitting

  • Run multiple experiments

From $150/hr

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